A couple months ago we highlighted some reasons why people have had bad experiences with their web developer. To redeem ourselves, we will now explain why people love their web developer and how having a website can help your business.

1. My web developer gives me a super employee

The super employee is of course your website. Your website can:

  • Give directions to your store
  • Explain what your products/services are
  • Sell products with shopping carts
  • Have a contact form so people can email you directly from the website
  • Act as a sales person through the search engines and search engine optimization
  • Is open 24/7

2. My web developer is a marketing expert, not just a techie

A good web developer MUST be a marketing expert. When you have a new product, service, or business opportunity, you may not know the best way to incorporate that into your website. You also may not have the time to figure it out. Your web designer will give you his expert opinion on how to get results from your website.

3. My web developer acts like a business partner

Your developer must be committed to see you succeed. They act as a business partner, not just a provider of a service. They view their relationship with you as a long term commitment and are dedicated to see you succeed. After all, your success is a prerequisite for them even being in business!

4. I need help getting visitors to my website

Need help finding creative ways to draw traffic to your website? Well a good web developer will show you how you can do that.

There is a lot more to a website than just building it – you have to be able to draw traffic. Search engines, social media, email newsletter, Facebook ads, business cards, email signatures, etc – these are all necessary to maximize your success. You need someone to help you come up with a list of ideas and how to go about making it happen.

Read our article on how to get traffic to your website.

5. I need training

Want to update your site on your own without paying anyone? A good website design firm will offer training on how to do exactly that. There is typically a cost with it, but the long term benefits may outweigh that cost. Just ask Jackie Vaughan from the Town of Farmville:

When I was given the task of managing the Town’s website, I was very nervous because I had no prior experience. But after a brief training session with Eric and the helpful training guide he provided, I have been able to update and set up new pages for our website with ease. And because Joomla is so user friendly, I can make changes to the website myself, instantly.

6. My business is completely online

Many businesses today only exist online. There is no brick and mortar store where foot traffic will provide at least some business. When 100% of the customers use the website to buy products, it is crucial to have a good relationship with your web developer.

7. My developer is very fast

This is one of the biggest compliments we hear from our clients. When they need something posted to their website, or need help with an issue, we respond with a solution very quickly.

Having a web developer that responds to your inquiries within a couple minutes is a life saver for the small business owner. In today’s fast paced business world, you’re losing money and/or customers if your website is outdated or in error.

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