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Weymouth Funeral Home

Client: Weymouth Funeral Home
Location: Newport News, VA
Services: web design, seo, hosting, maintenance
Launch Date: May 12, 2017

How We Helped

Weymouth Funeral Home is located in Newport News Virginia and is a well respected business in the area. They have a heart for the community and are very active in helping those around them.

They wanted a well constructed, beautiful website that would be easy for them to manage on their own. They also wanted search engine optimization so that people could find them online.

We created the website, then optimized it for SEO. We also trained them on how to update it themselves. They’re another great business in Newport News that we are so proud to be a part of!

The combination of an awesome looking website, easy to use website, and optimized website that gets lots of traffic with Google is one that’s hard to beat! Contact us today if you would like a quote on a website design or SEO.