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Improve Organic SEO with Local Directories

Getting your website to rank well with Google and the search engines is obviously very important.

But how do we achieve that? There are lots of different ways such as blogging and organic search engine optimization. Another good way to improve your website's SEO is through building your website’s digital footprint through local directories.


Why Your Website Needs an SSL

SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer, is a standard security technology that is used on websites to make them encrypted. It encrypts the information your browser sends to the server.

In a nutshell, an SSL is what you install on a website when you want your website and your users to be kept safe and secure. It's what you see at the top of your browser that makes it HTTPS instead of HTTP.


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What is "Above the Fold"?

Above the Fold is one of those terms you may have heard but not really defined properly. Simple put, above the fold in web design is what can be viewed on a monitor without scrolling down with the mouse. It's also known as above the crease or above the scroll.

Originally, it was a term for newspapers. When a newspaper sat in the stand, it was folded in half, so whatever appeared in the upper half could be viewed by just walking by and not even picking up. So editors put what they thought were the most interesting stories "above the fold". Advertisers also wanted their ads in this space since their ads were much more likely to be viewed.

This concept applies directly to web design. We want our most important information to be viewed without scrolling down on the page. Typically this would include:

  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact form, or "lead" form
  • Banner ad
  • Important intro text

Not all of these things can necessarily all fit above the fold. There is limited space. Your website may not even have all these things. But fit what you can without it looking cluttered.

You can still use "Under the Fold"

Some people think that everything should be above the fold. This isn't true. It's good to have a lot of additional information, even if it doesn't fit on one screen shot. Just try to get your most vital information above the fold like your phone number and important call to action buttons.

Different computers have different "folds"

Not all monitors will show the same amount of information on one screen. Different monitors have different resolutions and sizes. Test your website by looking at it from many different computers, including smaller laptops.

Above the fold is a big deal in search engine ranking

Everyone wants to be #1 ranked on Google right? Well if you can't get #1, then at least go for above the fold. Appearing in the top 5 or 6 on Google makes a huge difference when you are above the fold.

Make sure you're applying this principle! Identify the 3 or 4 most important parts of your website. Make sure that they are above the fold. If necessary you can rearrange things. Good luck!

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